Design Options

Every shed has walls, a roof, and a door – customize as you see fit!


These are the extra touches that make your shed really yours. All accessories come with a 3-year warranty.

3x2 Slider
Quarter Round Double Door Windows
2x3 Single Hung with Grids
2x2 Slider
14" x 24" Single Hung

Let the light in

Our windows are double paned house quality vinyl windows made right here in the Treasure Valley.  We carry a large selection of sizes and styles.

  • 1x4 Transom with grids, Fixed
  • 2x1 Slider
  • 2x2 Slider
  • 3x2 Slider
  • 3x3 Slider
  • 4x3 Slider
  • 2x3 Single Hung with grids
  • 14" x 12" Fixed. Fits between the studs.
  • 14" x 24" Single Hung. Fits between the studs.

The windows we install in doors are aluminum single pane. They come in either square or our new Quarter Round with Grids for the classic look.
Want to provide your own windows? We can install!

Natural light

Vented skylights serve a dual purpose - allowing more natural light and more ventilation.

Workbenches & shelving

More info needed, do we have any photos of this?

Workbenches & shelving

More info needed, do we have any photos of this?

A classic accent

Cupolas add instant beauty and character to a roofline, especially when paired with a weathervane.

Wherever the wind blows

Weathervanes can be mounted directly on your shed, or on top of a cupola for that extra special look.

Available in pheasant, rooster, and cow designs.

Beauty and utility

Flower boxes are a cute addition that turns your shed into yard art rather than just a utility building.

Endless possibilities

Bring us your sketches, ideas, pictures - we’ll make your dreams come true!


We are family-owned and operated in the Treasure Valley, with 30 years of experience and thousands of happy customers!
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