Step-by-Step Shed Design Guide

The customization options are endless, but they don't need to be overwhelming. Here's a step-by-step guide for each part of the shed you'll want to consider as you customize your perfect shed.

1. Determine what you will put in and around your shed

This will keep your design decisions focused on functionality, not just aesthetics.

2. Choose a roofline

Our most popular roofline is the Gable, and the roofline with the most storage space is the Tall Barn. Choose a Lean-To (single slope) for a modern look, a Classic Barn for a country vibe, or the Snake River style that includes a porch overhang. Custom rooflines are also possible – bring us your sketches, inspiration, and photos and we'll help make your idea a reality.

3. Determine wall height

All Idaho Wood Sheds come standard with 6' walls, but we haven't met a shed that was too tall yet! A few things to note:

  • Sheds with larger square footage benefit from taller walls
  • If your shed will be next to any other structure, you need at least 12" of clearance between the eave and the top of the shed
  • Steel insulated doors require at least 7.5' walls
  • Your HOA may have height restrictions
4. Pick a siding style

Siding for a shed is usually determined by price or HOA requirements. Idaho Wood Sheds come standard with vertically-grooved LP siding that is primed and ready for paint. If you'd like your shed to match your house, lap siding is your best bet. Check out all of our siding options to find the one that's right for you.

5. Select the right roofing material and overhang

All Idaho Wood Sheds come standard with 30-year architectural shingles. Metal roofing is a perfect option for areas that get a lot of snow and provides a bit of reflective relief from hot sunny days.

A small overhang can instantly make your shed feel more welcoming and professional, and a large porch overhang can increase your sheltered space for a fraction of the price.

6. Choose your door (or doors!)

All Idaho Wood Sheds come standard with one 4'x6' wood swing door and a lockable handle. Transom windows and decorative details can make our standard door really shine, or you can look through our door options to get a feel for the door that best fits your needs.

Larger sheds can benefit from a second door to improve access.

7. Consider ventilation

Proper ventilation on a shed is key for maintaining airflow, and keeping moisture under control. All Idaho Wood Sheds come standard with one hand-crafted vent, and you are welcome to add more. We also offer a vented skylight that not only allows for increased ventilation, but also adds natural light. Windows can be a great way to add extra ventilation as well.

8. Choose accessories

Accessories are what make your Idaho Wood Shed really yours. Whether it's window flower boxes, a cupola and weathervane, or a redwood deck, accessories bring a little joy to your shed.

8. Plan for organization

Get the most out of your shed by keeping it organized! Shelving, workbenches, and lofts can provide you with some structure that keeps your shed an enjoyable retreat.

Ready to show us your shed design? Give us a call at 208-888-1090, use our contact form, or come down to our Meridian office to discuss your shed!

Endless possibilities

Bring us your sketches, ideas, pictures - we’ll make your dreams come true!


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