Sheds 101: Frequently Asked Questions

With 30 years of experience, we've been asked just about every shed question you can think of – but these are the ones that come up again and again.

Do I need a permit to buy a shed?

In Idaho, a building permit is not required for buildings less than 200 square feet. Anything above 200 square feet requires you to get a permit from the city. Customers are encouraged to check with their HOA for additional restrictions.

How do I schedule my shed installation, and how long is the wait?

Once your order has been placed and a 20% deposit has been collected, we'll figure out the best day to schedule your installation together. Our lead times vary depending on the season, but during the warmer summer months you can expect a 3-6 week lead time.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer payment via credit card, check, or cash. An additional 3% fee is charged to credit card payments. We don't offer payment plans, but you have the option to apply for a personal loan via OneMain Financial. Checks can be mailed to 124 NW 10th St #107, Meridian, ID 83642.

How should I prepare my build site?

We require a minimum of 20”-24” around the perimeter of the building to allow for room to assemble. In addition, we ask that the site be as level as possible. If the building is going on a concrete slab, it must be completely level. For more information on site preparation, check out our blog post on the best ways to prepare your yard for a shed.

Are sheds built on-site, or pre-built?

Most of our sheds are built on-site. This allows us to be able to build in areas where a full-size truck and trailer can’t get. Occasionally, we pre-build and deliver smaller buildings. Our Dog Kennels are the only buildings that come standard pre-built.

How long does it take to build an Idaho Wood Shed?

Most installations are complete within one workday. If the building is very large or has a lot of customization, it may take up to 3 days.

How tall are Idaho Wood Sheds?

Height varies depending on several customizations, but our standard wall height is 6' for most sheds, and 9' at the peak.

What paint colors can I choose from?

We keep 13 paint colors in stock, but customers are welcome to provide their own paint. We ask that customer-supplied paint be brought to us no later than one week prior to the shed installation day.

More questions? Give us a call at 208-888-1090, use our contact form, or come down to our Meridian office to discuss your shed!

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